AMAZòNIA Palm & Exotic Seeds Co.


AMAZòNIA Palm & Exotic Seeds Co.

AMAZòNIA distributes seeds of palm, cycads and all type of exotic plants. Our company daily receives seeds of the most remote earth sites to send them worldwide to our wide ranged of customers, from small collectors to great nurseries.

AMAZòNIA The crossed way

Expanding life is our mission. We are delighted to send small capsules of life to anywhere in the world and then with the help of a little water and thousands of caring hands something wonderful emerges.

Our adventure began with the new millennium. It was the time of changes, great enthusiasm and confidence for our new project: selling seeds. Everything happened very fast since then. 12000 working hands planted our seeds in 62 countries. Contributors spread over 45 countries offering us about 1000 species and a great diversity of palm trees. Our project has become a reality that grows each passing day.

We collect what nature gives us and now we can return it to sustainable projects in Africa and South America. For this reason, we have been selected by the Diputación de Barcelona for the Best Business Initiative Award (MIE.pdf). However, our greatest satisfaction is to know that the wealth of beauty has been spread in recent years and to some extent we are the parents of it.

We like our work, thanks for letting us to enjoy delivering these capsules of life!

AMAZòNIA What makes our company different?

In our warehouse, we have a few quantity of seeds of each species in order to deliver small orders, however, instead of storing a vast quantity of seeds we prefer to book your orders in advance and when seeds are ripe, we harvest, package and send them to you. This practice allows us to provide viable seeds and adjust the price for your order.

Our pricelist is only a reference. If you have a big order, make a request and following market prices and including shipping expenses to your location, we will provide you a personal costing for free.

AMAZòNIA Purchasing seeds

AMAZòNIA has the intention to increase its offers. Therefore, our team is actively working to develop and broaden our business relations. If you also trade palm or cycad seeds, please contact and tell us your offer (including price, quantity and when the seeds will be available, etc).



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